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This Woman Used A Tampon to Soak Up Meat Grease and I Can’t Unsee It

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TikTok, you’ve taken things a bit too far this time.

It takes a lot to gross me out, but this meat draining hack has my stomach turning in a bad way.

TikTok is known for its quirky, time-saving hacks that make your life so much easier.

I’m all for TikTok hacks like How To Get Your Kids To Eat, Olive Garden Tricks, and Hacks For Reducing Dirty Dishes.

But, this hack for soaking up the grease from meat is next-level gross.

Here’s what people are doing.


They are using tampons to get the extra grease out of their cooked meat, and they aren’t even sorry about it.

For example, content creator @victorias.way posted the “unique” way she chooses to soak up the excess fat when cooking ground beef.


The simplest way to remove excess fat when cooking ground meat is…to use two tampons


Can someone tell me where the bathroom is? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

I mean, this isn’t just gross, it has to be some kind of toxic contamination.


Tampons, although approved by the FDA to stick up your — well, you know where they go — do have chemicals in them that you probably don’t want to ingest into your bloodstream by way of your stomach.

I’m just going to say — paper towels exist. Use them instead of tampons, people.

Or, you could use a spoon to get the excess grease out.

Hey, you could get crazy, and use a colander.

Please, don’t copy everything you see on TikTok.

You can see @victorias.way’s entire video on her tampon hack to remove excess grease HERE.


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