This Former Server Just Spilled All The Olive Garden Hacks You Needed to Know Like Yesterday

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I grew up thinking that Olive Garden was fine dining but you know what? I still love Olive Garden to this day.

Honestly, those breadsticks and that creamy, Alfredo is FIRE.

Now, if you feel the same, you need to know about these Olive Garden Hacks!

Yes, a former Olive Garden Server has spilled the beans on all the best kept secrets and I am sharing them with you now…

Olive Garden Hacks You Needed to Know Like Yesterday

According to this former server and TikToker hunterbutbald, there are a few things you can do while visiting your local Olive Garden.

For starters, he mentions that while you normally have to pay for dipping sauce such as alfredo or marina for your breadsticks, you can ask your waiter for a “ramekin of alfredo sauce”.

The best part is, most severs will bring you one for free and not charge you the $4 charge for a dipping sauce.

He then goes onto hack #2 – the beloved Olive Garden mints.

He mentions that while the rule of thumb is 1 per person, if you ask for more, servers will give you some.

Honestly, I can attest to this one as I’ve gotten more mints every time I’ve asked.

Hack #3 – Olive Garden Salad.

Now, if you are an OG Olive Garden fan you know this trick… If someone else is ordering salad but you want soup, then you order and take some of their salad.

You can even ask your waiter for a cold plate to enjoy the salad on too.

Finally, he mentions the viral kids meal pasta hack which apparently is just an adult ordering a kids meal to go and the portion is huge like an adult portion for half the cost.

So, which Olive Garden Hack is your favorite? Oh boy, now I am craving those breadsticks. Ahhhh!

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