This Hack For Reducing Dirty Dishes Is Pure Genius And I’m Using It Today

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This mom is a genius …

We use the heck out of paper plates at my house, because ain’t nobody got time to do dish after dish.

Mom’s already have eleventy hundred other things to do around the house, not to mention the moms that have to also work outside of the house. Anything that can save a minute or two, I’m all about that.

But, paper plates can get hella expensive. AMIRITE???

Well, let me introduce you to Hadlee Bree Daines. She has come up with the BEST time and money saving hack for meals, and I think I love her.

Take note, you aren’t going to want to miss this one.

Meal Hack To Save You Time And Money

The trick is simple, really, and you have actually used it a million times if you’ve gone out to eat as much as we do.

First, you are going to push all your fine china (or mismatched plastic plates at my house) to the back of your kitchen cabinet. You’re only going to bring those out for extra-special occasions.

Now, you are going to want to procure some fast food baskets.

What? Yep. Those baskets that you eat off at your favorite burger joint.

Hadlee Daines

Stick with me. I promise, this is worth it.

Don’t know where to find fast food baskets? You can get them pretty inexpensively at Amazon HERE.


Next, you are going to get a bunch of basket liners. I’m talking about those waxed paper sheets that you get with your meal at your favorite diner.

They come in so many different colors, so you can pretty much coordinate with the seasons.

You can find waxed paper deli sheets from Amazon HERE.


I think you can see where this is going.

You are going to put the waxed paper deli sheets into your food baskets, and serve dinner (or lunch) on the deli paper.

Hadlee Daines

The paper will catch all the spills, dribbles, and mess that the food leaves behind, and you just toss the paper at the end of the meal.

You have minimal cleanup with the baskets, and you’re done with the dishes. Badda bing, Badda boom!

Hadlee Daines

And, it’s going to save you so much money over those expensive paper plates.

You can just keep the deli sheets under the baskets in the cabinet, grab, and go when you need them!

Check out Hadlee Bree Daines hack for saving time and money on meals HERE.

Hadlee Daines

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