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Punk Rock Crocs Are Here and They Come With Some Serious Swag

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Give me all of the Crocs, please!

I work with animals a LOT and Crocs are the perfect slip-on shoe for me!

They’re comfortable and super easy to clean when they get dirty.


I have a love for funky shoes, so a punk style Crocs are just right for me!

Karol G is a Colombian musician that hooked up with Crocs to design a line with bold colors that is riding the line of edgy!

They started with the Classic Clog Croc style and even added barbed wire style embellishments.


The Karol G Punk Crocs even have a Jibbitz charm set that has metal hearts and safety pins (old-school punk right there!).

I am loving the Mega Crush Clog style, they’re red with black rubber treads and have a 2.4″ platform style sole, I totally need that added height!


The Jibbitz charms for that pair have super cute pink, red, white, and black plush hearts!

The Karol G Crocs clogs collaboration styles are only available for purchase to the public by bidding, but only until Friday, February 18th at 12:00 PM ET.

You can enter the Karol G x Crocs drawing to be able to purchase on Crocs.com, good luck!


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