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Apartment Hacks For The Person Who Just Scored Their Own Apartment

There are life hacks for pretty much everything, and adding on to that long list you have stored somewhere in your brain, apartment hacks are just as big of a deal as the common kitchen hack you use for storing the tops to your saucepans.

Especially if you’re a first-timer and you live higher than the third floor, you may want to write most of, if not all of this down.

Walking into your freshly new, first rented out apartment is scary but way more exciting, a little nerve-racking and a lot thrilling!

It’s the very first time you’re doing absolutely everything on your own which is why a few of these simple but “how come I didn’t think of it first” hacks are super important to know.

Courtesy of @emilysomerssmith

1. Command strips are your friend, but be prepared to smooth over a few spots that ripped off from the dry wall because let’s be honest, command strips aren’t always perfect.

Courtesy of Target

2. Having a junk drawer is totally necessary, and while you may think you can buy several aesthetically pleasing containers to store everything you brought from home to the new apartment, the truth is, you can’t.

Now tell me honestly, where were you going to store the hot glue gun, the left over wrapping paper from Christmas or the instruction manual on how to build a dresser?

3. If you live on the third or seventh floor without an elevator in your apartment building, grocery shopping is a bear, or any trip that turns out to be a shopping spree which is why you need to think smarter, and not harder.

The Mighty Handle from Target is a life saving product with deep fish-like hooks that can hold several shopping bags at once; trust me on this one, it will save you from making three tips up and down and back down the stairs again.

Courtesy of Target

4. Buy a handful of candles… or maybe several for your apartment.

The saying that you can never have enough candles is completely factual; not only does it keep the apartment smelling nice from the outdoor odors of everyone’s trash from the street on trash day, but when there’s a severe thunderstorm rolling in, your lights cutting out will be the least of your worries.

Courtesy of @bathandbodyworks

5. Always buy more dishes and utensils; you may think you have enough, but when you’re halfway through the week and you’ve already used every fork in the drawer, hand washing them on repeat is more than just annoying, it’s infuriating.

6. Having a roommate that’s also your best friend is pretty amazing and making sure you live with someone you trust is the most important hack of them all.

Courtesy of @isa_sabrina

With that being said, enjoy living in your own space, decorating the entire living room colorfully, and learning how to cook spicy chili for the very first time!