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Build-A-Bear Just Released A Holiday Stitch Bear and I Need It

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You can get a Snowflake Fun Stitch Plush from Build-a-Bear this holiday season, and it is absolutely adorable.

Stitch is absolutely, 100% one of the cutest, sassiest Disney characters ever imagined into existence.

Build-a-Bear Workshop

You can just give me all the Stitch things. Whether it’s this Realistic Stitch Plush Doll, this Stitch Mug From Disney, or this Stitch Blanket. All take them all!!

You can absolutely GUARANTEE I’ll be getting one of these Snowflake Fun Stitch Plush from Build-a-Bear.

Build-a-Bear Workshop

Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

Lilo & Stitch

This snowflake blue Stitch is totally decked out for the holidays with red, green, and white checkered designs on his ears.

He is also ready to spread all that Christmas cheer with a Happy Stitchmas patch on his left foot and a Build-a-Bear patch on his right hand.

Build-a-Bear Workshop

You can choose to get this Stitch with a big red bow around his neck — perfect for gifting.

To get even more festive, you can get your Stitch a soft red Santa suit to wear all holiday season long.

Build-a-Bear Workshop

The mischievous Stitch is playing Santa in an attempt to sneak some milk and cookies! It’s love at frost sight with Disney’s Snowflake Fun Stitch and this festive gift set.

You can choose to get Stitch stuffed and ready to snuggle, or you can choose to get him without stuffing — all ready to build at your favorite Build-a-Bear Workshop.

Don’t forget to add a sound to Stitch to make him uniquely yours. Maybe even add your own voice!

Build-a-Bear Workshop

You can get this Snowflake Fun Stitch Plush starting at $38. Any accessories are extra — but super cute.

To get your own Snowflake Fun Stitch Plush, just head on over to the Build-a-Bear Workshop website.

Build-a-Bear Workshop

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