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You Can Virtually Shop Inside World Market and I Wish Other Stores Would Do The Same

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You know what I miss? Shopping in-store.

Sure, shopping online is quick and convenient but I do love browsing the isles of stores.

With the pandemic, I’ve been doing a lot less browsing and rarely head into a store anymore but this is a total game changer!

World Marker will now allow you to virtually shop in-store. Seriously, this is like a virtual tour of the inside of a World Market store.

Only, you can buy whatever you want right off the shelf and then pickup curbside.

Genius, right? I honestly wish other stores would do the same!

So, you just head to this super secret link to virtually shop World Market and click around using your mouse. When you find something to buy, you just click one of those colored tags and add it to your cart.

You can then have it shipped to your home or pick up using curbside pickup!

They seriously have so many cute things! I think this is both fun and dangerous ha!

You can virtually shop World Market Here.

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