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Millions Of Butterflies Are Showing Up On Doppler Radars And It Is Incredible

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Monarch Butterflies are being spotted in swarms in the south, and this actually happens twice a year.

Butterflies are cold blooded, so they travel with the warmth each year. With winter coming, the butterflies are getting the heck out of Canada, before the snow hits!

Twice a year — in the spring and in the fall — the butterflies make the trek from Mexico to Canada, and back again.

They spend their winters in Mexico (it’s called overwintering), and they spend their summers in Canada. And, the U.S. is the lucky place that gets to host their migration each year.

Every fall, they migrate to Mexico to overwinter until spring. They come all the way from Canada, NE, midwest, east of the Rocky mountain and filter into Texas. 

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Right now, they can be seen from south Tennessee to south Texas, and people are saying the Monarch swarms are absolutely breathtaking!

The butterfly swarms are so intense, that meteorologist are seeing them show up on radars — the migration is so thick, it is appearing as rain!


Sadly, many of these butterflies die on the roads, as the swarm is thick, and people have to drive through them. We all know what happens to bugs when you drive at top speeds through them. *Eeeek Face Emoji*

Fun Fact: It takes FOUR generations of Monarch butterflies to make it from Mexico in the spring, up to Canada for the summer, and back to Mexico for the fall. It is the great grandchildren of the butterflies that left in the spring that make it back “home” by the fall.

Another unsolved mystery is how Monarchs find the overwintering sites each year. Somehow they know their way, even though the butterflies returning to Mexico or California each fall are the great-great-grandchildren of the butterflies that left the previous spring. No one knows exactly how their homing system works; it is another of the many unanswered questions in the butterfly world.


So, if you are lucky enough to see this migration, take pictures!! It is one of the mysteries of the world that is absolutely beautiful, and something you don’t get to see everyday!!


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