This Cooling Mat Absorbs Heat to Keeps Your Pets Cool During the Summer

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Rising temperatures equals a hot house, and when it’s a hot house the people (and pets) living in it are most likely hot too.

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To combat the heat we turn on the air conditioning, but sometimes the AC doesn’t feel like it’s enough in the moment, which leads us into changing our clothing into something more lightweight.

And unlike humans, pets can’t change their clothing because they’re not wearing any, and considering our pooches are also unable to sweat, it creates a greater danger for dogs to overheat in the summer.

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So during the dog days of summer when it’s too hot outside keeping you stuck inside, there’s a cooling mat for dogs to keep them cool!

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Similar to a bed mattress that’s cooling at night, this cooling mat does the same and keeps your fur-babies chilled.

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Providing relief for the family dog, the cooling pads within the mat are safe and non-irritating ‘CoolCore’ fibers that chill your dog down 3-4 degrees immediately.

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Comfortable for small, medium, large, and extra large dogs to sleep during the night or to rest after a long walk, this cooling mat suits all dogs big or small.

You can find the pet cooling mat on Amazon for less than $20 to keep your pets chilled this summer!

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