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You Can Get A Kit To Bedazzle Your Own Stanley Tumbler And You Know You Need It

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If you are a fan of Stanley Tumblers, you love the bling, and you thrive on crafting, you are about to lose your mind.

You can get a kit to bling out your Stanley Tumbler, and it’s totally the thing luxurious dreams are made of.


The popular TikTok Stanley cup upgraded with crystal glass rhinestones. The color possibilities are endless.


If you don’t yet own a Stanley Tumbler, listen up.

You should know that these cups basically have a cult-like following.

Stanley cups are known for keeping your drinks cold all day, fitting perfectly into your car’s cup holder, and being absolutely beautiful in their simplicity.

You can start by getting your Stanley Tumbler right from the Amazon website.


Then, you want to head on over to Etsy, because you’re going to want this kit that lets you bling out your new Stanley Tumbler in the most gorgeous way possible.

IM SO EXCITED!!!!! I love it I can’t wait to work on my cup. (I ordered the kit I already had my cup they don’t come in the kits)


This kit includes all the glue, tools, and rhinestones you are going to need to finish blinging out your Stanley Tumbler.


You can choose from 2 packages, depending on the size of your tumbler: 30 ounce or 40 ounce.

You can purchase Stanley Tumblers that have already been covered in gorgeous rhinestones, but they will run you upwards of $500.


Perfect kit! Well packaged and has everything you need!


If you get one of these kits to bling out your own Stanley Tumbler, you get a price break.


Check it out — these kits start at $150, and go up depending on the size of your tumbler.

To get your own Stanley Tumbler Bling Kit, head on over to the LivingEvida shop on Etsy.


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