These Pickle Chips Are The Greatest Thing EVER

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Forget potato chips, Vlasic has reinvented the wheel with actual CHIPS made of pickles.

That’s right, we aren’t talking pickle flavored chips here, we are talking thinly sliced, perfectly delicious absolutely amazing toasted to perfection chips made from pickles, and they will be your new go-to snack.

Here’s what we already know about Vlasic’s new pickle chips.

Food Business News says that not only is Conagra looking to put out pickle chips to help out those of you who can’t get enough low carb snacks, but they are also making Chicharones Pork Rinds, too!

Bestill, my low carb keto-loving heart!

The thing about pickles is that alone they are already a HUGE snack according to Food Business. They make up about $1.1 billion just in the refrigerated version.

“Pickles has always been a flavor that people have loved in snacks, whether it’s potato chips or even in our Bigs Vlasic dill sunflower seeds. But, pickles themselves are a great snack, essentially no calories or carbs. But eating pickles out of a conventional jar is inconvenient and messy, and pickle snacks are actually becoming a thing, particularly in c-stores. So we’ve created Vlasic single-serve pickle slices and also a Vlasic vacuum-fried pickle chips that taste absolutely fantastic.”

So, it stands that these new Pickle Chips are basically going to wow all of us, and we won’t want to ever touch another potato again.

I am sorry potatoes. Pickles have my heart now.

Will pregnant ladies everywhere dip their chips into peanut butter?

Only time will tell.

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