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You Can Stay in A Harry Potter Themed Airbnb and Earn Your Hogwarts Diploma

If you are in need of a vacation get ready to book the most magical of them all (no not a Disney vacay)… You Can Stay in A Harry Potter Themed Airbnb and Earn Your Hogwarts Diploma!

The Airbnb listing walks you through the tiny house that is located just 90 minutes from NYC, but a world away.

This is a truly special place, and most people find it surprising that it can exist so close to New York City. With all sorts of wildlife coming within inches of the house (don’t be surprised if you see coyotes, families of deer, and every type of bird you could imagine–not to mention more butterflies than you’ve ever seen, depending on the season), this is a truly immersive experience into nature. But despite its small size and isolated location, it is surprisingly luxurious on the inside.

This Wizard’s Tiny House sleeps 4 guests and sits on a private 30-acre farm with orchard views, a mere 90 min from NYC + easily accessible without a car!

Immerse yourself in wizarding fandom, discover enchanting details, relax in the reading nook, read the Daily Prophet or Quibbler, and live your best upstate life at our Harry Potter Wizarding World decorated Tiny House.

Plus, after your magical stay, you’ll take home your very own personalized Harry Potter diploma saying you graduated Hogwarts AHHHHHH!

You can literally stay there, enjoy the stay while reading the Harry Potter books and bask in the surrounding outdoor views. Sounds amazing to me.

This is a limited time offer as you can only stay through the holidays. You can book your Harry Potter Airbnb Stay Here.

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