Keebler’s Released Birthday Cake Cookies and Now You Have A Reason To Party Every Day

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Keebler’s Chips Deluxe Chocolate Chunk Cookies were basically a quarter of my childhood. I was constantly eating them for dessert when I was kid. I was allowed two cookies after dinner and I always made sure to pick the two with the most chocolate chips!

If you’ve ever noticed the fairytale character on the front of the cookie packaging, his name is Ernie the Elf, proof that elves do exist. 


Not only do they exist, but according to the company their elves are constantly baking.

If you think about it, it makes sense on why there is always such a huge variety of flavors to pick from at the grocery store. 


The more you know, right?

His most recent creation is their new flavor Birthday Cake, filled with milk and white chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles and are naturally flavored to taste like Birthday Cake. 


The birthday cake flavored cookies will be spotted on shelves next month and for a limited time only! The packaging is bright pink and yellow, so you can’t miss it!

It’s always a mystery on why Keebler’s elves take away flavors, but I’m certain they have a good reason!


So now I must ask you, do you want that, cake cake cake cake cake, said Rihanna herself.


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