Everyone Is Obsessed With This Bed Swing and Now I Need One

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According to TikTok’s latest viral trends, a backyard swing/hammock has caught the attention of many TikTok users.

@monisway posted the bed swing on the popular social media platform that currently has over 45 thousand likes, nearly 900 comments of individuals searching for the same relaxation from the man in the video, and a grand total of 376 thousand views!

Courtesy of @monisway

The short clip shows a snippet of the bed swing moving back and forth achieving ultimate relaxation paired, a smooth ride, and a surrounding forest of greenery in the background.

Courtesy of @monisway

The bed swing that looks like a DIY project is made out of what looks like a large wooden frame that can fit more than one person for a romantic night underneath the stars or watching the sun rise alone with a good book.

Courtesy of @monisway

Underneath the grey mattress the relaxed man in the video is lying on are several springs running vertically across the wooden platform.

Courtesy of @monisway

Unfortunately the owner of the video and the man who is lucky to swing back and forth on the bed swing have yet to tell how the swing and or hammock was made; here’s hoping they spill they’re secrets real soon so we can all take a break from a reality!

Courtesy of @monisway

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