Netflix’s New Comedy Special Made Me More Depressed Than Anything

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We watch comedy to laugh…right? After watching what I just watched, I’m confused…

Bo Burnham is quite possibly my husband’s favorite comedian. So when his Netflix special, Inside, came out, he had to watch it IMMEDIATELY. (For the record, he loved it.)

I finally decided to give it a try and instead of making me laugh, I actually got a bit depressed when watching it.


Granted, I think that was part of the point. With everything being on lockdown for over a year, comedians weren’t able to hop up on stage and make the world laugh. So instead, Burnham found a way to turn his isolation into a project.


Burnham filmed, recorded, directed, and did every little part of this special all during the year of isolation. (and it kind of shows…). He sang songs of depression, face timing his mom, scrolling through instagram, and yes, even sexting.


This insanely relatable content and super catchy songs are the reason this ended up in the Netflix Top Ten. It is amazing content. It just wasn’t comedy in my opinion.


People have started taking to social media and TikTok to warn others of the depression they felt after watching this special. And I can totally see why. (And yet my husband just keeps binge watching it)


If you’re a Bo Burnham fan, I would definitely say this is a must watch. But if you’re just scrolling through Netflix looking for something to give you a laugh, this probably isn’t it.


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