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Post Malone Is Setting The Record Straight On His New Thin Frame and Rumors That He Is “On Drugs”

If you’ve seen pictures of Post Malone lately, you’ve probably wondered the same thing that everyone else is asking.

Is he on drugs?

It’s pretty sad when we see a slimmer body on an individual, and we have to ask if drugs are in play.

Posty — who happens to be a new daddy — is noticeably thinner in pictures from his Twelve Carat Tour, which currently has him in Europe.

He is taking time out of his busy schedule to assure fans that he is, indeed, NOT on drugs.

Post says that he is losing weight the healthy way — cutting out sodas and eating more healthy.

The same thing we all should be doing, right?!?

The rapper / singer took to Instagram to address the elephant in the room.

Hello everybody, i hope you’re having a great night. i wanted to say that i’m not doing drugs, i’ve had a lot of people ask me about my weight loss and i’d suppose, performance on stage.

Post Malone

i’m having a lot of fun performing, and have never felt healthier. i guess dad life kicked in and i decided to kick soda, and start eating better so i can be around for a long time for this little angel. 

Post Malone

next up is smokes and brews, but i like to consider myself a patient man… lol! i’ve spent a bit in the studio lately working on new music, and am so excited to share it with you, thank you for your patience and support y’all. 

Post Malone

you make my heart beat. i just wanted to say hi, and hopefully i’ll be posting more on here, my brain is in a super dope place, and i’m the happiest i’ve been in a long time.

Post Malone

if you’re having a hard time or need some love, i can say that you’re loved more than you know, and keep fucking crushing it. goodnight nerds😤spread love and rock on🥾🥾🥾

Post Malone

There you have it. No drugs. Just healthy eating.

Way to go, Post! You look great, and you make it look so easy!!