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Starbucks Is Taking Away Stars From Customers Who Use A Free Code They Found On Social Media

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You might have seen a code floating around social media for a FREE stars from Starbucks.

But, before you run out to your favorite Starbucks location, you might want to think twice about using the free star code.

See, this leaked code — which would give you 200 stars — was only meant for attendees of an in-person event.

And, turns out, so many people have been trying to use the code, they are actually tracking who was at the event.

They are penalizing you for trying to use this code, so DON’T USE IT!!

Some Starbucks fans are posting complaints on social media after realizing that their Starbucks Rewards stars have actually gone into the negative.

Like, how does that happen?

Typically, you earn stars for food and drinks that you buy at the giant coffee chain.

You get one star for using your PayPal app to pay, and you get TWO stars if you reload your virtual gift card and use that money to pay for your fare.

But, this week, people thought they were getting sneaky, using a leaked code that they saw on the social medias.

When Starbucks realized what was happening, they quickly took action, and started docking customers stars instead of adding them.

I used the 200 star coupon floating around yesterday, had 244 stars, ordered a drink this morning, now in the negative.

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Bottom line here is, don’t try to cheat the Starbucks system. You will get caught.

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