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Starbucks Introduces It’s First Blue Drink and I’ve Never Been More Excited

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Starbucks seems to struggle when it comes to the color blue.

Considering the coffee giant has every color of the rainbow when it comes to their drinks, it’s about time that Starbucks introduces blue to their color palette.

Courtesy of @amywagstaffe

What’s truly a rarity, the coffee chain has finally created a bright blue drink that isn’t on the secret menu nor does it have to be stirred to create only a slightly blue color.

Courtesy of @lovefrombetty

Welcoming to menus the Blue Raspberry Cloud Frappuccino, this properly blue colored drink looks exactly how it sounds.

Aptly named after a cloud, this sweet Frappuccino not only looks like a cloud but was clearly inspired from the vast blue skies above us as well.

Courtesy of @leetothegee

Mixing blue raspberry candy flavoring and a ton of whipped cream to resemble a large fluffy cloud, this new drink is expected to taste majorly sweet!

And let’s not forget about the edible blue crystals that tops the drink too.

While I’d like to say thank you to Starbucks for finally creating a blue drink that’s been long overdue, there’s only one unfortunate detail about this new whipped drink.

The brightly colored Frappuccino is sadly only available in the UK and not the United States.

Courtesy of @gemmzz101

What’s currently available for only ten days in the United Kingdom, we’re hoping the Blue Cloud frapp finds its way over to the states too!

Courtesy of @x.starbucks.fan.x

So if you’re visiting London or live in the UK, you can snag this drink for only a few more days.

Oh don’t forget to let us know how it tastes in the comments below!

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