Starbucks Will Soon Begin Charging You If You Ask for Light Ice

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Starbucks what are you doing? Are you really trying to burn those loyal to you?

I ask because this has pretty much put me over the top and I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying much from Starbucks anymore…

So, you may remember that a few months back, Starbucks decided to change their rewards program.

Basically, items would begin costing more stars if you wanted to redeem them.

Then they decided to take away my favorite syrup – the Raspberry Syrup.

Which by the way, I think I bought enough of the Pink Flamingo Drinks to justify that Raspberry Syrup being on the menu permanently…

And now, now, they want to begin charging more if you ask for no ice, light ice or no water in Starbucks Refreshers Drinks and wow really?

Look, I already pay for overpriced coffee, but when you basically fill the entire cup up with ice and little coffee, it is a HUGE waste of money.

That is why I literally always ask for light ice in my drinks. I at least want my money’s worth…

But according to a new sign posted in some Starbucks locations, they will begin charging us for not allowing them to fill cups with ice…

The sign reads:

Important News, please read.

Starting on May 9th, Starbucks will begin to charge for no water, no ice, and light ice in the Starbucks refresher beverages at all of their locations. Thank you for reading!


Now, Starbucks has yet to make an official statement on this new policy.

However, the news is already spreading online like wildfire with mixed reactions.

Former and current Barista’s are understanding of WHY this change my be necessary saying:

Others were not convinced that this change was necessary saying things like…

And here’s the thing- I understand if there are ratios to be had.

However, you’ve got to find that balance where a $7 coffee feels like a $7 coffee and not just a cup of ice with a splash of coffee. Right?

So, maybe it’s time Starbucks also looks into their ratios? I don’t know the answer here but I do know with all of these changes, I may just end up finally giving Dutch Bros. a try!

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