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You Can Get A Box Filled With Hocus Pocus Goodies Including A Black Flame Candle and I Need It

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Do you love Hocus Pocus? Maybe you have a friend that is obsessed? If so, this gift box is filled with Hocus Pocus goodies that you can gift to yourself or someone else!


The Hocus Pocus gift box is filled with all sorts of amazing themed items! This would be a brilliant way to cheer someone up. I know I would love to receive something so cool in the mail as a surprise!


Each Hocus Pocus gift box comes with a custom greeting card. They have an area to enter your custom message when ordering. This is great if you are having this sent as a gift to someone.


The gift box also included one keychain of your choice. You can choose from “Amuck Amuck Amuck” or “Binx is My Boo”. The Keychain can also be used as a pendant and measures 1 inch in diameter.


There is a candle called the “Black Flame Candle” and the scent is Vanilla Bean. This is 4 ounces in size. Then there is the “Spellbook Matchbox” filled with 20 matches to light your candle.


It also comes with a mini witch cauldron and a bath bomb. You can light your awesome candle and enjoy a glorious bath! You can choose from lavender or cherry scent for the bath bomb.


Lastly, there is CHOCOLATE! Yes, please! This is a bag that reads “It’s the chocolate covered finger of a man named Clark” and it contains a candy bar.

You can order your very own Hocus Pocus gift box from WitchOnWheels on Etsy for only $22.00!


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