This Self Warming Mug Never Allows Your Tea or Coffee To Get Cold and I Need It

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There’s nothing worse than a lukewarm cup of coffee or a sub-par tasting tea because the liquid inside the cup simply isn’t hot enough.

Reheating the caffeine in the microwave only lasts for a few glorious minutes of stem and sometimes, the mixture itself explodes before it’s finished reheating.

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So if you prefer your beverages hot all winter season long, a self-warming mug should be considered when writing your Christmas wishlist this year.

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Enter: The self-warming mug that keeps beverages warm right next to you.

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The Ember Smart Mug is designed to keep your drinks hot for longer periods of time than what a self-standing glass of coffee or tea can do on it’s own.

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With a sleek design, this mug also has a smart LED light that indicates when your beverage has reached the perfect temperature from the time you set your desired temperature within the Ember App.

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A cup to ensure your coffee is never too hot or too cold, you can find the Ember mug from Target or Amazon.

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One Comment

  1. This cup adds unnecessary complications.

    It does not know when there is liquid in the cup so then the heater does not turn on if it thinks the cup is empty. So then it does nothing more than hold the liquid as it cools.

    Also connectivity issues with the stupid thing.

    Get an insulated container instead. This is a rip off.