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The Llama Pool Float is Summer GOALS!

My daughter is completely llama obsessed, and I just got her this llama pool float, because I know that it will make her summer pool floating time the very best ever!

I think the very best part of this llama pool float is, other than the fact that it’s a freakin’ LLAMA is that it’s not the exact same colors as every other pool float out there.

It’s subtle. It’s like, “Hey I am a llama pool float, I don’t have to try hard to be cool.”

BUT it does have this killer holographic glitter in the tube.

I am obsessed with with glitter in my pool floats right now because it makes them sparkle in the sun.

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I am also beyond obsessed with his little floofy tail! I mean, how cute is that, they spared no attention to detail, ya know?

Click here to get this llama pool float over on Amazon. Or three of them. I am pretty sure I need three.

Summer is going to be no probllama!

I am so sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Virginia H

Tuesday 23rd of April 2019

I'm definitely getting my daughter one. Thanks for sharing the info.