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Brach’s Is Releasing Candy Corn That Tastes Like A Turkey Dinner and I Think I’ll Pass

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What in the actual Thanksgiving Dinner goodness is this mess?

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Candy Corn? Can it be real?

Courtesy of Brach’s

Yes. You are looking at a very real product, brought to you by Brach’s candy, and here just in time for all the fall festivities.

Well, if you are NOT typically on Team Candy Corn, you might want to give it a try, because this isn’t your normal honey-sweet orange and yellow candy.

This bag boasts the not-so-candy-corn flavors of green beans, roast turkey, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrots, sweet potato pie, and stuffing.


Um — yum? I don’t know that I’m going to be trying these crazy candy corn flavors. I am a candy corn purist on the Team of the Traditional Candy Corn!

According to @candyhunting on Instagram, this candy corn is going to be available at Walgreens, so you better get to that corner of happy and healthy to grab one of these “tasty” bags of Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner candy corn before they are gone.

You have to try it at least once, AMIRITE?!?


I mean, I’m a vegetarian. Can I even eat this flavor? I’m torn here.


You can get your 12-ounce bag of Turkey Dinner candy corn for $2.99, and this is one bag of candy corn I just might not ask you to share with me. You just go ahead and enjoy that bad boy all by yourself.

Now, if you want to get more TRADITIONAL, and need a little kick after hearing about Turkey flavored candy corn, you can try one of these super YUM Candy Corn Margaritas.

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