This Couple Caught A ‘Ghost’ Pulling On Their’s Son Leg On Camera and It Is Terrifying

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I’ve always been terrified of seeing something creepy on my baby camera…

If you get spooked easily stop here because This Couple Caught A Ghost Pulling On Their’s Son Leg On Camera and It is Terrifying!

Rob and Becky Moss of Oxford, Michigan turned on their baby monitor this past summer to see a white object floating around their 1-year-old son as he slept in his crib.

The couple posted the video on Facebook saying:

Im 96% sure we caught a ghost on camera, pulling on my almost 2 year old sons leg this morning while he was sleeping in his crib. 0:20 and 0:45

In the video you can clearly see a white orb hovering around (these are usually an indication of a ghost or spirit) and it seems to bounce near the child in the crib before pulling his leg up.

In an interview, Becky said:

“I said, ‘Rob look at this orb”

The couple continued to watch the baby monitor when they see their son’s leg be yanked into the air almost as if it’s being pulled by something.

Becky told the press that their son has no medical condition that would cause his body to jerk upward in his sleep.

Some were quick to comment saying the ghost was helping the baby off it’s face so it can breathe while others were completely freaked out.

I don’t know about you, but I’d move ASAP. Friendly ghost or not, I don’t want them yanking on my baby. But these parents decided to stay put.

“Something might be in our house but we aren’t fearful and it doesn’t seem negative,” she says. “People have told us to use sage and hire a ghost team, but we don’t want to stir up more activity.”

Seriously, this is my ultimate fear. I truly never want to look at my daughter’s baby monitor and see something like this. I would DIE.

Does this sort of stuff scare you? Do you believe in ghosts?

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  1. oh and im subscribed to your channel becky moss im called alight

  2. I think that is a crazy thing that would happen to a child.I dont even have anything to say. WOW!!!!

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