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Panera Defends Their Macaroni and Cheese After Employee Shares It’s Cooked From A Bag

In a, now viral, video from TikTok, user @briannaraelenee shows the world how Panera Bread makes its famous Mac and Cheese dish.

In the video she shows how the mac and cheese is frozen, in a bag and is then placed in hot water to thaw it out and cook before serving to customers.

I wasn’t at all surprised by this video, but the internet world has gone CRAZY!!

In fact, so crazy, that Brianna claims she lost her job after that video was posted for the world to see.

Via TikTok Replies
Via TikTok Replies

Panera is now defending their practices, stating that the macaroni and cheese is made at a facitility off site, and shipped to the stores frozen. This gives them the best, most preservative-free product for their consumers.

Why is this even a surprise to people? This is how MOST restaurants work.

If you go get soup ANYWHERE, it was probably shipped in frozen, and heated to temperature at the facility. It’s still DELICIOUS! You still LOVE IT!

This doesn’t make it “hospital food.” It makes it a better, more consitent product that you can get from store to store.

There aren’t actually little chefs in the back, making your soup special each time you want it.

It’s called fast food for a reason.

I know, Panera isn’t as fast-foody as, like a Chick-fil-A, but it isn’t exactly a 5-star restaurant either.

They give you the good food you know and love, realitively quickly.

Let’s all just calm down, and give Panera a break. You know you’re still going to eat the deliciousness that is the Mac and Cheese. It’s still going to taste exactly the same, and that’s kind of the point.