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Your Kid Is Probably Obsessed With The TikTok App, Here’s What You Need TO Know

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Tiktok is a new social media app that’s sort of a weird version Instagram stories was a bunch of teenagers making up dances to songs that used to be popular decades ago and also drawing on themselves. 

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My big suggestion is to GET a tiktok account so you can monitor what your kids are doing. Even if you feel ridiculous. (You can follow me on TikTok here.)

It reminds me of the old app “vine.” If you aren’t familiar, basically it’s shirt form video content put out by people with the intention of making their followers laugh. 

Which is why teenagers love tiktok so much. It’s designed to be kind of the anti-Facebook. No politics or religion, just a bunch of people acting silly and having fun while they do it. 

New york, USA – february 25, 2019:Tik tok playing menu on device screen pixelated close up view

Tweens and teens are by far the largest user base of the app. Anybody over the age of 27 is considered “old” there. 

Lots of memes are starting over there and even a few trends like the git up dance challenge and the vsco girl 

One of the big things to be aware of is that there are trends that start over there that aren’t so great. Like kids loving the new e-cigarette, Juul.

They sort of glorify it over there, and this isn’t really all that awesome.

They also sing ridiculous songs with lots of bad words, so if you have a problem with that, then be aware. It’s just kids being silly, so honestly this isn’t all that big of a deal.

The big thing you need to be aware of is that they ARE on this app, they ARE chatting with strangers on it, and it IS one of teen and pre-teen’s biggest forms of “social media” communication right now.

So, pay attention, get an account for yourself (here) and just be aware that TikTok is a THING. 🙂

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