What Parents Need To Know About The New Juul Trend – Yes, It’s Worst Than Vaping

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There’s a new product out on the market, and it’s HOT. Teens aren’t vaping, and they aren’t smoking. They’re all juuling, and here’s what you need to know.

The Juul is one of the hottest e-cigs on the market, and teens everywhere are using them. They’re super discreet and easy to hide which makes them all the more attractive to kids.

A Juul doesn’t look like a vape pen or a cigarette at all. It actually looks like a usb drive. Kids could have this in their backpack and you wouldn’t even know what they are.

The Juul is a “nicotine delivery device” that is used like a cigarette or a vape pen to “smoke” nicotine.

You use little disposable flavored nicotine pods you just click into the Juul. this is a part of why kids are so into it, they come in flavors like Mango and Fruit.

Before someone even realizes they’re getting addicted to nicotine, they are just in it for the fruity flavor. It can be just as addicting as cigarettes though, make no mistake.

It’s actually rechargable and comes with a USB recharger that you just pop into your charging block.

Basically, when you suck in from the mouthpiece, it heats up and the liquid inside the little pod gets vaporized.

Some of the kids have figured out a way to just swallow the smoke instead of blowing it out so that it disappears, and they can actually use the juul at school.

It was designed to get smokers to stop smoking which is why it doesn’t look or taste like a cigarette, but that is the same reason kids like it so much.

You buy it online, so it’s easy for underage people to get their hands on. Kids are making memes all over their social media.

It’s considered the ultimate gateway to cigarettes for teens, and Juul has even gotten into hot water for marketing to them.

They have stopped marketing to the younger market, but it might be too late. Teens are already VERY into Juuling.

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