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Disney+ Release Brings Noelle, A Christmas Movie, And I’m Snow Excited

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We are looking forward to two things at my house: Christmas and Disney+!

So when I heard that Noelle is coming, I nearly had a holly-jolly meltdown!

November 12 is marked in my planner, and circled in red and green.

That’s the day Disney+ is set to come to TVs. That’s also the day Noelle, a Disney+ movie starring Anna Kendrick, is set to be released on the platform!

It is about Noelle Kringle, the sister of the up and coming Santa Claus.

She is full of that Kringle Christmas spirit, which she tries to pass it along to her brother, who is crumbling like a sugar cookie under the pressures of being the new Santa.

When he starts to become a bit cracked like ice, she suggests he take a short vacation.

As you can imagine, that’s when everything starts to go wrong.

She has to find her brother, and set everything right before Christmas.

Can she do it? We’ll have to watch to find out!

You can watch the full trailer NOW right here:

Disney+ comes to homes November 12, and will cost $7 a month.

It will be available to stream on 4 different devices at one time, and will play (IMHO) the coolest movies around.

Merry early Christmas to all us Disney freaks!

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