Thousands of Disney+ User Accounts Have Been Hacked and Our Logins Are Being Sold On The Black Market

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I have to say, I am quite shocked as I thought Disney of all companies would have some pretty crazy cyber security measurements in place. I mean, have you been to a theme park recently?

Anyways, apparently Thousands of Disney+ User Accounts Have Been Hacked and Login Information Has Been Sold Online and that now has me all sorts of worried.

As of today, Disney+, Disney’s new streaming service has been live for nearly a week and already users accounts have been hacked with login information sold on the black market.

Reports starting pouring that Disney+ users were logging into their accounts to find that weird profiles were being created with names they didn’t recognize.

According to CordCutterNews, it seems subscribers have been receiving a spammy email prompting them to unlock their accounts, giving access to hackers. The information is then being sold online.

When Disney+ launched they informed there would be a 10 device limit per account but did not allow you to see which devices were connected nor which were logged in like Netflix does.

Currently, Disney+ does not have a two-factor authentication process to login but this seems it could easily correct the major problem here.

Secondly, if you receive an email asking you to login in or reset your password, I’d ignore it. Hackers and Spammers are getting clever and even creating “from” emails that look quite convincing.


If you do suspect your account has been hacked, contact the Disney+ customer support via phone, live chat, or social media through their help center.

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