Amazon’s Selling Dill Pickle Candy Canes And You Need Them On Your Tree STAT

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Yes, Pickle Candy Canes are back this year, so pucker up!

They came out last year to immediate praise and adulation. That means, people liked them a lot.

A little bit of sweet, a little bit of sour, and a little bit in my shopping basket.

Some people may hate pickles — the crazy people — but you HAVE to try these candy canes at least once!

They are a pretty green, so they would look great on your tree mixed with red ones.

OMG! Can you imagine if someone took one off your tree to eat it, thinking it was mint. LOL!

Some buy these as gag gifts, but they are totally legit candy canes!

Think of how many people you know that love the pucker power of the pickle! You can wrap these bad boys right up, and give them to those friends!

OMG! You know what would make the perfect gift for that pickle-lover in your life?

You can get your Pickle Candy Canes Here.

Get a gallon of pickle juice and pickle ice pops. Wrap them up in pretty red paper, tie them with a bow, and then stick a pickle candy cane in the bow!

Speaking about pickles, have you heard of my absolute favorite Christmas tradition: finding the pickle Christmas morning. Do it this year! Everyone will love it!

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