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You Can Get Terrarium Candles That Are Almost Too Cute To Burn and I Need Them

I love plants, but I suck at keeping them alive inside the house. I try and it goes well for a bit, then I fail and they die. But I love the idea of having them and how they look.

These candles are so realistic, I don’t even know if I could burn them!

Zoe Tang

They’re really amazing works of art! Uncommon Goods is selling Zoe Tang Terrarium Candles and they are so cool! This is a way that I can have the look of plants that can’t die and they even smell good!

These are hand-poured soy candles. If you choose to burn them, they have a burn life of 30-35 hours.


I got this candle for my wife. She loved the way it looks, opened it and loved the way it smelled, the only draw back might be that she’s hesitant to burn it because she thinks it is too cute to actually use!!

Zoe Tang

They come in two styles. There is one that is cactuses and one that has a large poppy flower. I love the pastel colors!

My wife and daughter cannot stop talking about how beautiful these candles are


The cactus candle is pine and vanilla scented, and the poppy is jasmine and white tea.

Zoe Tang

This would make a fantastic gift for your plant loving friends! So unique and they will love it!

My sister loves candles and is an avid plant collector, so this gift was the perfect combination of both! The scent is pretty subtle. She refuses to light it because she loves it so much! 


You can order your own Zoe Tang Soy Terrarium Candles from Uncommon Goods for $25. I would love to have one of each, please and thank you! They are just so adorable!