This Arizona School Shows Us One Model Of How Schools May Look In The Fall

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One school in Arizona has come up with a model of how schools may have to operate when they open up next fall, and it is going to be a different world, for sure.

When schools closed at the end of this year, we floundering in uncharted territory. Teachers and administrators were left scrambling to find a new way to bring teaching to hundreds of students.

As these unprecedented times keep going on and on, everyone is already looking ahead to next school year. What we once thought would keep students out of school a couple weeks, has turned into a nightmare of figuring out how to social distance, keep the kids and faculty safe, and still promote learning.

It is now obvious that schools are going to have to find a way to adapt in the next year. I talked to a teacher today, that said her administration is already planning on using, at least partial, distance learning in the next year.

But, with kids back in the buildings, at least part time, what is going to be done to keep children, that are normally in classrooms of 20 to 30 kids, safe and separated?

A Pima County charter school, in Arizona, has turned one classroom into a model of what things may look like in the fall, and I’m not sure whether to applaud them, or weep for my children who have to go to school in such conditions.

Courtesy of KGUN

Kids are completely social beings by nature, and this kind of takes all their natural instincts to be social, curious creatures, and hides them behind partitions — literally.

Courtesy of KGUN

The school has followed the CDC guidelines for distancing the kids and teachers, but have a look at it yourself, what do you think?

Courtesy of KGUN

It is important to note, this is just a MODEL of what schools may look like. They have taken all the CURRENT CDC guidelines, and turned them into a living example of what those guidelines might actually look like in the real world.

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