Crumbl Cookies is Testing Out Cheesecake Cookies and We Are Here For it

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I’ve only had Crumbl Cookies a few times, and they were pretty good. It’s not something I go out of my way for, but CHEESECAKE? I think that’s worth it!

Last year Crumbl Cookies added some new goodies like breakfast squares, cakes, and pies. And now the word is… CHEESECAKE!

Image credit: Crumbl Cookie

The first one on the testing table is the new Raspberry Cheesecake!

It’s similar to the Key Lime Pie with a crust made of graham crackers. I still have to try this one because Key Lime Pie is my favorite flavor!

Image credit: crumblcookies

Then there is a layer of raspberry topping, cheesecake, and buttercream.

This isn’t available nationwide quite yet, it’s still in the testing market. If it passes the flavor tests of the fans, then we should see it released nationwide.

Image credit: Crumbl Cookies

When the Raspberry Cheesecake from Crumbl Cookies goes nationwide will you give it a try? If I find out more information, I will update.

Image credit: snackolator

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