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I Just Read The New CDC Guidelines For Reopening Schools and I Find Them Impossible To Do

Today was off to a pretty good start until I started seeing posts circulating Facebook about the new CDC guidelines for reopening schools.

I shouldn’t have read them – that was a big mistake.

You see, I knew this day would come.

I knew that life as we know it would change that it wouldn’t be back normal any time soon. That didn’t stop some part of me from thinking that maybe all of this was a cruel and long played out joke.

I was wrong.

I Just Read The New Recommended CDC Guidelines For Reopening Schools and My Heart Aches For The Kids.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is the image circulating the web:

Credit Unknown

Upsetting and disheartening, right?

Well, first things, that graphic summarizes the recommendations from the CDC but if you want to see their recommendations entirely, read them here.

Now, here’s the thing – I don’t blame the CDC. They are just doing what they think is best based off the information that they have right now.

I am just upset at the situation.

I also don’t see how any of this is possible and I am usually such an optimistic person.

Keeping kids 6 feet away from each other? Not going to happen especially when class sizes are overcrowded and small to begin with.

Wearing a mask all day – good luck. Those things are hot and annoying. I can barely stand to wear one for an hour in the grocery store (kuddos to healthcare processionals by the way).

And the whole thing about no recess, no group activities, and no lunch in the cafeteria? It sounds like a prison.

Kids touch, play and socialize. That’s what kids do. All of that is part of their development.

We are basically asking them not to be kids.

Really, what’s the point of sending kids to school at all then? Why not just enforce online learning for the year?

Again, I get the bottom line here is to help stop the spread of the virus and by all means, I want that to happen but there has to be a better way.

Kids need education.

Kids need other kids.

Kids need stability and normalcy.

Kids need to feel safe when they are away from home.

How in the world can our kids feel any sense of normalcy or feel safe in school with these sort of restrictions?

We can stand here and point fingers all day at The CDC, The President, or anyone else you think is responsible for this virus outbreak or the strict guidelines that have followed but that doesn’t change the fact that the real ones hurting here are the kids.

This is awful.

I am so saddened and sick to my stomach. I cannot even begin to wrap my head around the idea of this being the new norm for school.

I hate this. I hate this for our kids.


Thursday 2nd of July 2020

Your kids are in day care I'm sure they dont know anything your rant filled comment is false it's your opion not acdc guidelines and honestly it sounds like were sending our kids to prison


Thursday 2nd of July 2020

Wearing a mask all day is not healthy for our lungs.


Monday 13th of July 2020

Not actually. There have been studies that show it has no significant impact.


Thursday 18th of June 2020

Ok, first of all, stop spreading that ridiculous graphic that does nothing to tell people what will ACTUALLY happen in their child's school and only perpetuates fear. Second of all, do kids need recess? Of course they do. Do they also deserve to be safe at school? YES of course. I think we are mostly all in agreement on that. Thirdly, recommendations can and should be put in place out of concern for safety not out of fear. Saying your children will be living in fear is not necessarily a true statement. My children are going to child care right now and they are aware that things are different because of the coronavirus, but I do not feel they are afraid to go to child care (or school for that matter), just being more cautious. I think a lot of working parents are feeling helpless about all of this. Especially when seeing more and more people talking like this about how terrible it will be for our children to be in school. There will be changes. A lot of the CDC recommendations are not feasible by any stretch of the imagination so we will have to see what our schools can come up with for actual feasible safety guidelines. Until then, I'm not going to dwell on how terrible it might be. I'm going to do what I can - fill out the survey from my child's school district and offer my opinions to the school board if necessary, but complaining and talking about how terrible it will be is not on my to do list, nor is perpetuating "rumors" about what our schools will look like in the fall.


Wednesday 10th of June 2020

It's ridiculous, my child will not be allowed to attend any school where the first lesson is fear.


Friday 22nd of May 2020

Where does it say that she called her kid sweet and beautiful bc i didn't read that at all.