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Absolut Released Canned Vodka Drinks and I’m Ready to Start Sipping

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I’m not a big drinker, but sometimes I need to just chill and I’ll have a drink or two, honestly, I could probably use one right now.

The thing is, I like yummy mixed drinks best but I don’t have a bar full of stuff to use, nor do I even have a place to store all of that.


I’m really someone that would rather have it all ready to go when I want it. Ice cold and mixed perfectly. Absolut must have been thinking about me because this most definitely fits the bill.


So Absolute released a new line and they are canned vodka drinks and they sound amazing.

They offer the new canned line in sodas as well as cocktails! For real! This is meant for me. Also, these would be super easy to take in the cooler for outdoor fun!


For the canned Absolute vodka sodas, you can choose from Absolute Raspberry and Lemongrass, Absolut Grapefruit and Rosemary, and Absolut Lime and Cucumber!

These are low calorie, with no sugars, artificial ingredients, or carbs!


For the canned Absolute vodka, you can choose from an Absolut Mango Mule, an Absolut Berry Vodkarita, and an Absolut Grapefruit Paloma!

I have no idea what any of these drinks are, but I look forward to trying them! These are all made with real juice too.


Each canned Absolut soda or cocktail flavor comes in a pack of 4 and it is only $12.99! I pretty much plan on trying each flavor. They all sound so good and I have no idea where to start! SO help me out, which one do you think I should try first?

You can find out where you can get them near you or order online by visiting the Absolut website.


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