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Oh My Gaga, Lady Gaga Oreos That Are Pink With Green Creme Are Coming!

Lady Gaga has caught herself in a “bad romance” because surprise, Nabisco cookies and the pop sensation herself have partnered together to create Lady Gaga Oreo cookies!

lady gaga just called off her engagement

The reason behind the collaboration is in inspiration of her newest album Chromatica and to release messages of kindness throughout the country.

The packaging is a GORGEOUS bright pink color with Lady Gaga written on the front in silver and a massive font because if it’s anything like Lady Gaga, the Popstar is all about presentation!

Courtesy of Nabisco

Like herself, these cookies are super stylish. These new cookies are a slight pink color with a neon green center that is of course stuffed with creme.

Courtesy of Nabisco

The cookies are also embroidered in three Chromatica-inspired designs which include the name of the album, a heart, and a portrait of Lady Gaga herself.

Talk about creativity!

The new Lady Gaga cookies will be released in January of next year so we won’t have to wait too long until we can get our hands on one, two or most likely a few packages preferably.

Can’t wait until 2021? Sign up for the Lady Gaga x OREO Stan Club starting today, December 2, to be notified when the cookies officially drop.

Courtesy of Nabisco

The first 1,000 subscribers will receive a complimentary pack of Lady Gaga Themed OREO cookies, when it becomes available. Go to for more details. Site will be live this afternoon – so hit that refresh to make sure you don’t miss out

The Oreo cookies will be available in six-count packs at convenience stores while supplies last!

Courtesy of Nabisco

You can also sign up for the Lady Gaga x Oreo Stan Club in December if you want to be 100 percent sure you don’t miss out on these limited edition Oreo cookies.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be notified when the cookies officially drop since the release date is being kept a secret, for now that is. The first 1,000 subscribers will also be among the first to receive a complimentary pack when the cookies do become available, so I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t sign up for this!

Oh and one more thing, as if the limited edition Oreo cookies weren’t enough for us Lady Gaga fans, Oreo and Lady Gaga are also launching a Sing It With Oreo program that will let you send customized musical OREOgrams to friends, family, your spouse or even the neighbor across the street!

It’ll also give individuals who enter a chance to win Lady Gaga gear and the ultimate prize of a flyaway concert with a meet-and-greet experience! The Oreograms will be available starting today, December 2nd through April 30th of next year!

It seems like Lady Gaga and Nabisco cookies have an incredible friendship instead of a “bad romance”, if you know what I mean!