You Can Have An Elf Call Your Kids From The North Pole

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We do Elf on The Shelf in our house every year. I swear our kids are more excited about that than Santa (or maybe at least, as excited) so that is why I am excited to share this with you!

Your Kids Can Get A Free Call From An Elf and it’s adorable, fun and something that’ll surely bring the Christmas spirit to your house!

How to Have An Elf Call Your Kids From The North Pole

Over the years we’ve tried doing things like this but most of these “free Christmas calls” require you to download an app or subscribe to something but not this one!!

First, go over to the Christmas Dialer Website and click on “The Elf” and choose which message you want then input your number.

BEFORE you click “Send a free call now” make sure your phone and kids are nearby because they will call you immediately. Also make sure you turn off the setting in your phone that silences unknown calls.

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It’s also important to know that you only get one free call per number. You can purchase additional calls for $1.99.

I chose the “Mischievous Elf” message and this is what it says:

“Hello there! It’s me your favorite magical elf! Last night when you were asleep I was working on my report for Santa and I may have gotten into a little mischief. Whoops! Can you guess what I’ve been up to? My job is very important but sometimes I like to have fun, just like you! Be good and listen to your parents today so I can tell Santa how good you’ve been. Remember I’m not allowed to talk after this call and you can’t touch me or else I’ll lose my magical powers! Oh dear! Have a good day today! Merry Christmas!”

Fun, right?

I love this for bringing a little more holiday cheer to this crap of a year!

Oh and you can also have Santa give the kids a call too!

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