Disney Is Using Storm Troopers To Enforce Social Distancing and It Is Brilliant

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Walt Disney has come up with a creative way to enforce social distancing and other CDC guidelines to stop the spread and to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Disney Springs was one of the first vacation spots to re-open in the Walt Disney company. Since their closure, a few precautionary measurements have been placed into effect for vacation spots to maintain a safe environment.


If you’re familiar with Star Wars, you’re going to get a good laugh and since it’s Monday, we all need a chuckle or two to start the beginning of the week off right!

Disney Springs is using Star Wars Stormtroopers to make sure individuals are following park rules!

While the Stormtroopers might initially look scary at first glance when patrolling the park, they’re only here to look out for us to make sure we’re being safe at all times.


Attractions Magazine was able to capture some of the conversations between Stormtrooper characters and their conversations are hilarious! Here a few of examples.


One Stormtrooper reminded another Stormtrooper friend the importance of social distancing by saying,

“Yeah, I’m gonna need you to move…one bantha’s length away please,”


In another bit, a Stormtrooper called out an individual in the crowd and said,

“Hey! You! With the face covering!” His pal next to him then stated, “They all have face coverings,” which then he replied back saying, “Well, I made them all look.”


In one conversation, two Stormtroopers were caught “arguing” on how to properly keep the crowd moving while continuously going back and forth to one another by saying “Alright, move along”. Out of the two, one of the Stormtroopers insisted his tone of voice was better!

Disney has a found a funny way to remind their guests of the importance of CDC guidelines so the park can remain open. I must say, it most definitely lifts up your spirit!

To check out the entire conversation, you can watch more funny highlights on Youtube.

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