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Rihanna Shared The First Look At Her Son And He Looks Just Like Her

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GAH!! Baby alert!!

It wasn’t too long ago that we were first learning that Rihanna was pregnant.

Well, she had that baby with A$AP Rocky a minute ago, and now she is sharing the first look at her son.

And, where is she doing that? Why, on TikTok, of course.

I mean, where else would you share the cuteness overload, right?

Sure, she could have chosen Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but the point is, it’s all social media.

And, of course, social media is where it’s at when it comes to finding out all the hot celebrity gossip.

Or, in this case, seeing Rihanna’s ADORABLE baby boy!

And, y’all, he looks just like her, doesn’t he?!?

Not only is it the very first look we are getting of — they haven’t released his name yet. It is the very first post that Rihanna has ever done on TikTok!

Talk about making a splash on social media!

You can see Rihanna’s entire TikTok video of her adorable baby boy HERE.

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