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Another Person Has Put Gorilla Glue In Their Hair and I Wish I Was Kidding

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Just when we thought the Gorilla Glue saga was over, there is an entire chapter left unread.

After the traumatizing experience Tessica Brown endured when she sprayed Gorilla Glue in hair, which was then followed by Len Martin, the guy who decided to gorilla glue a cup to his mouth, we now have part 3 featuring Avani Reyes.


I have to admit, I am quite shocked and just baffled that someone else would try this…

The fiasco that left the world in shock regarding Tessica Brown, another TikToker has followed in pursuit and no, this is not a joke.


A video that has gone viral on TikTok shows Avani Reyes trying to comb through her hair with little to no hope because as you can guess, Gorilla Glue is stuck in her hair.


After she clearly had no success combing her hair, videos follow Avani taking a trip to the hospital to try and remove the damage done.


According to Avani, the hospital staff was unsure on how to remove the glue and suggested tea tree and coconut oil.


Of course the TikToker tried washing the glue out of her hair after her visit to the emergency room but as we all know, THAT. DOESN’T. WORK even if you use coconut oil!


Now Avani is contemplating on starting a GoFundMe page, asking people to help pay for the surgery she might schedule to remove all the glue.



Oh, and one individual even donated $3,000…


Apparently, the GoFundMe page has received enough donations so Avani can fly out to LA and proceed with surgery as she quotes in her latest TikTok video.


As of right now, it looks like Avani still has plenty of glue left to remove in her most recent TikTok video.


Hopefully this is the last chapter in the Gorilla Glue trilogy and if you were left puzzled as to why someone else would attempt to put Gorilla Glue in their hair or anywhere near their body, you aren’t the only one.


People, please refrain from using Gorilla Glue IN YOUR HAIR!


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  1. Why the heck can’t you just do you own thing to your hair !!?????

  2. Did the same stupid crap, then got it out with oil, and kept all of the donations that people gave to help this moron fix it with surgery. Didn’t need the surgery, and has a bunch of money that he took from even dumber people that opened their hearts and wallets to him. Great guy…??

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