You Can Get A Butterfinger Ice Cream Pizza Delivered Straight To Your Door and I’m Ordering One Now

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You can get a personal Butterfinger Ice Cream Pizza delivered straight to your door. It’s like MAGIC — or goPuff delivery service — same thing.

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This frozen pizza is 7.3 ounces big, and is GREAT for that personal snack when you have a craving for something tasty and cold.

The packaging doesn’t really say what comes on this delicious pizza, but it appears to have a chocolate chip cookie crust, covered in, what looks like vanilla ice cream, crushed Butterfingers, and a chocolate drizzle.

Oh my dang, this looks so good! They had me at chocolate chip cookie crust!

So, the only way I know of to get this Butterfingers Pizza is to order it on goPuff.

If you haven’t heard of this freaking awesome delivery service, they are in a lot of major markets, and they deliver convenience store type- items straight to your house.

They charge a straight $1.95 delivery fee, so you could pick up this tasty Butterfingers Frozen Pizza, some Coca-Cola, a bottle of Advil, some string cheese, a bag of Flammin’ Hot Doritos, and even a pen and notebook.

You know, they deliver all those munchies that you crave at 2 am! Ha!

So, start with this Butterfinger Personal Ice Cream Pizza, call goPuff, and get your munchies on!

You’re welcome.

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