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You Can Get A Sparkly Skull Bath Bomb To Get Ready For The Spooky Season And I Need One Now

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If you’ve kept up with any of my recent posts, you’ll see that it is safe to say that I LOVE bath bombs!!! In fact, we just moved into a new house with a huge tub and bath bombs are one of the few things I talk about these days!

With the spooky season approaching, it’s time to look at some beautifully spooky options. We recently covered the Oogie Boogie Bath Bomb, which I am still obsessed with…and still need to get my hands on!


But now we’re moving on to a more eloquent looking, majestic skull bath bomb. (Can you tell how much I like it?) It’s black, it’s spooky, it’s glittery, there’s not much to dislike about it.


According to the site:

Float this bad boy in your tub and sit back and enjoy how the dark spreads! It floats, turns, foams, fizziles, and bubbles with enough agitiation.


There are many colors to choose between and the scents vary depending on the color you choose! Their page has a chart determining what scent you will get!


Whether you choose the dark black color to turn your bath tub into a cauldron colored dream, or even the blood red color to look like you are bathing in a tub of blood, this spooky seasonal skull bath bomb will give you some frightfully relaxing alone time!


And don’t worry, if the thought of bathing in “blood” or black water seems a bit too much for you, there are pinks, purples, and other colors to use for those of you who love skulls but maybe not the creepiness of the colors in your bath.


The best part about these awesome skulls? They are only $6! That is a totally affordable price for something so amazing! And better yet? They are made from natural ingredients!

So now I just have to convince myself not to buy every single one of them! I definitely have to have a black one, but I’m also kind of loving the lavender colored ones as well. But honestly, I wouldn’t be upset if I could have at least one of each!


Which one is your favorite? Comment below and let us know! And be sure to check out naturalpurehonest on Etsy to grab yourself some of these amazing bath bombs!


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