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Starbucks Has A Pennywise Frappuccino and It’s Terrifyingly Delicious

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You’ll float too!

If you are all about clowns and particularly, Pennywise from IT, I just found your new favorite Starbucks drink.

Starbucks has a Pennywise Frappuccino and it’s terrifyingly delicious.


Now, before you make a mad dash to your nearest Starbucks you should know, this isn’t on the actual menu. It’s part of the Starbucks Secret Menu meaning you need to know the recipe before you ask for it (and probably help out the barista too).


This drink is dubbed the Pennywise Frappuccino but it is also known as the “IT Frappuccino” and was originally popular back in 2017 when the IT movie came out.


How to order a Pennywise Frappuccino at Starbucks

Start by ordering a vanilla bean Frappuccino.

You then ask for strawberry puree drizzle. You can ask for it on the bottom, in the middle or even over the top.


Top it off with whipped cream and a bit more strawberry drizzle.

You can even ask for a freeze dried strawberry on the top for the “red balloon” that Pennywise uses.


Ahhhh! That’s it! It’s a fruity, vanilla treat in a cup. That is terrifying to look at but totally delicious to eat! Honestly, that is what I imagine Pennywise thinks before eating his victims.

Anyways, have fun with this drink!


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