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Making Real Magic with a Coke Cake Kit Neighbor Gift

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Daily life is fun and really a fabulous thing, but holidays…holidays are special, memory-making engines of awesomeness. All it takes is a little gift, a little “thank you” to really change what could otherwise be an ordinary day into something spectacular. That’s Why I’m Making Real Magic with a Coke Cake Kit Neighbor Gift (say that five times fast!!) this holiday season!

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Coke Cake Kit Feature

I read about all these awesome Coca Cola Cakes all the time online and I’m always curious if they taste as good as they look and sound. Well, I decided I’d try it and it did turn out pretty fantastic! So, I thought I’d share that fantastical awesomeness with my new neighbors. Buuuut, I personally think that the Coke Cake is way yummier when it’s all piping-fresh warm…when the icing is all gooey and melty into the cake…whoop! So, instead of simply sharing a cake (’cause that was totally one option…) I thought I’d make a Coke-Cake-Kit!

Coke Cake Kit Pin

Step 1 – Buy your glass-bottle Coca Cola. I got mine at Walmart.

Coke Cake Kit InStore

Step 2 – Find a creative way to empty at least 3 of the bottles. Please note, the child is not actually drinking the Coke–don’t chew on me…LOL!

Coke Cake Kit Creative Empty Bottle

Step 3 – Funnel a box of your favorite cake mix into the empty (AND CLEAN–CLEAN IT FIRST!) bottles. I chose to use a fabulous carrot-cake mix, which happens to be my new neighbor’s fave (she told me last week when I went over to meet them)–that meant putting the carrot/raisin portion of the mix in another bottle, too…Just enough bottles in a 6-pack for this kit to work! You might also mention on that note that for all the cake mix in the kit, your neighbor will need to use about 1 1/2 bottles of coke (about 12 oz, to be exact)…details…right?

Coke Cake Kit Funnel into Bottle

Step 4 – Recap the bottle(s). If you’re very very careful, you can get the caps back on there pretty tight, but I’d still put a note on your gift stating that this cake-kit should be used pretty promptly–so the cake mix doesn’t go icky.

Coke Cake Kit Recapped

Step 5 – Decorate and drop the gift on their doorstep…ringing the doorbell and running away like a loon is completely optional, but highly recommended–this totally adds to the Real Magic, trust me. But don’t forget the icing–I almost did! Eeep!

Coke Cake Kit Doorstep

Looking to score some My Coke Rewards with Coca-Cola? Check out Coke’s collaboration with Santa where you can check off items from Santa’s wish list to earn more points…or, you can unlock a $25 gift card to Home Depot just by making a homemade ornament for someone and sharing a picture of your project on Twitter or Facebook with the tags #SantasWishList and #Bright. I’m going to be sharing my Coke-Cake-Kit!

Coke Cake Kit Square

Coke and Santa are always working to make the world’s holidays magical. This year, they’ve partnered to make everyone happy. In partnership with Coke, Santa will be adding more wishes and more rewards every week To this list, so you know just where to look! By sharing some simple ideas for bringing that extra something to someone else’s holiday, Coca-Cola and Santa will share the magic with you once you share how you gave back by Tweeting or Instagramming a photo with the hashtag #RealMagic. If you tweet or instagram with that hashtag, you’ll get a special “thank you” return plus you’ll be able to earn extra rewards by sharing videos and photos on the My Coke Rewards website. If you’d like, you can find out more from Coke and Santa on the MyCokeRewards Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Coke Cake Kit FB

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