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You’ve Been Using Chopsticks All Wrong Your Entire Life

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One of the biggest accomplishments of my adult life was learning how to use chopsticks. Not even a lie. It was on par with learning how to whistle or how to well, whistling is really the biggest shame.

One of those things that people never want to admit that they just don’t know how to do. Yes, for many years I was the person who had to use a fork at Chinese restaurants whilst surrounded by friends who were all chopping it up.

Turns out, though, ALL OF US WERE USING THEM WRONG. My adult life has been a lie and I’m here now to rescue you from the same shame.

Did you know there’s a reason disposable chop sticks have a wooden tab on the end? Yeah, I didn’t either. But trust me: you’ll be thanking me when you show your friends.

I’ve Been Using Chopsticks All Wrong (And So Have You!)

If you’re like me, you’ve always ripped off the paper, split those two little wooden sticks down the middle, rubbed them together a bit to pick off any offensive splinters, and then gone to town on your steamed dumplings (or whatever whatever).



How to Use Chopsticks The Right Way

According to the website Behance, that block on the end isn’t just some cool manufacturing product, it’s actually there to keep the chopsticks from touching the table.

*collapses into a puddle of tears*

Take a look!

First, break off the tab:


Then, use the tab to keep your sticks from touching the table:


Mind. Blown.

So now go and share this with all your friends and show them how you’re the smart one in the group. Plus? They’ll forget about how you can’t whistle.

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  1. HM. But not all chopsticks are made like that. I have a different process. I open the end of the paper envelope and take out the sticks, then I fold the envelope in half length-wise, then again in half width-wise so it makes kind of a triangular prop for the sticks.

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