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These Shadow Casters Create An Entire Halloween Vibe On Your Walls

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Have you heard of a Shadow Caster?

It’s a small, flat, decorative figure of sorts that goes on a small stand with a candle placed in front of it.


The candle casts a glow onto the figure — the Shadow Caster. Then, the shadow of that figure gets thrown onto the wall behind it.

Basically, it is the coolest thing you will see this week!


KeaLite (Shadow Caster) is a product used to cast decorative shadows on walls and add ambience to a dark room.


This particular Shadow Caster is a Jack O’ Lantern that projects a wicked cool menacing shadow on the wall.

He has a sinister smile, and sharp, jagged teeth that make up his creepy grin.


Shadow Casters are PERFECT for the Halloween season, because they are a whole spooky vibe.

These Shadow Casters would be so great at a Halloween party or a wicked fun Halloween movie night. They would totally set the mood.


Absolutely love these tea lite shadow casters. Perfect for ambience on an October night with the lights off and horror movies on.


How does the Shadow Caster work?

Step 1 – Place the Shadow Caster stand on a flat surface. Make sure it’s about one to two feet away from the blank wall on which you want to cast the shadow.

Step 2 – Attach the Shadow Caster onto the front slot of the KeaLite Stand.


Step 3 – Place a tea light candle — sold separately — in the round opening of the KeaLite Stand, and light the candle.

Step 4 – Make sure your surroundings are as dark as possible, so you can see the shadow from the Shadow Caster in all its glory.


You can get everything you will need to set up this shadow caster (minus the tea light candles) for less than 9 bucks.

To get your own Jack O’ Lantern Shadow Caster simply head on over to the KeaLite shop on Etsy.


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