Microsoft is Releasing A Barbie Xbox That is Pretty in Pink

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Hey Barbie, pick up that game controller!

The Xbox series most recently had a makeover that looks like it was inspired by Elle Woods herself.

Decorated in neon pink, the Xbox Series S has been redesigned to celebrate the launch of the upcoming Barbie film.

From the outside of the console to the controllers, the Xbox Series S has nearly every inch covered in pink!

Courtesy of Xbox and Mattel

Although the pretty and pink design isn’t the only difference that sets this Xbox apart from the rest.

Rather than tossing your game console on the floor like most of us do, the new Xbox series comes with a DreamHouse that’s similar to Barbie’s actual living quarters!

Courtesy of @barbiethemovie

A three story level dream house that allows you to rest the bright pink console on the bottom floor, you can count on the second and third floor to be fully furnished with furniture!

There’s even a side pool and inflatables floating in the pool that’s also featured with this gaming DreamHouse.

Courtesy of @barbiethemovie

It’s the perfect summer home, for your Xbox that is.

Alongside the dream house for your Xbox, gamers can also score five custom faceplates for the Xbox controller and full warning, these new designs are super cute!

Courtesy of @barbiethemovie

Of course, the new Xbox Series S Barbie DreamHouse isn’t complete without the Barbie dolls to have a peak inside.

Therefore, Xbox and Mattel have partnered together to create ten new Barbie dolls to celebrate the diversity of the Barbie toyline and their “commitment to being a place for everyone,” according to the press release.

Courtesy of Xbox and Mattel

The new dolls will come dressed in Xbox branded fashion and matching accessories!

Courtesy of Xbox and Mattel

The only thing that’s missing is a Barbie inspired video game, (here’s hoping one releases ASAP) but in the meantime, fans can still celebrate the upcoming film in Forza Horizon 5.

Forza Horizon 5 players can score two new Barbie inspired cars in the game for free, which include either the new Barbie pink 1956 Chevrolet Corvette EV Corvette or the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup for Ken!

Courtesy of Xbox and Mattel

Now if you want a pink Xbox (because who doesn’t?), the hot pink console will be similar to other custom Xbox designs and will not be sold in stores.

To snag a pink console with the Barbie inspired DreamHouse, you’ll have to win one during a giveaway that starts July 10th, so keep your calendar open and good luck!

Courtesy of Xbox and Mattel

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