You Can Get a Giant 3-Room Tent That Sleeps 12 People So Everyone Can Camp Under The Same Roof

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We used to have a pretty nice tent, then it got left out in the elements because I am spacey sometimes. Needless to say it was left out there a long time and was ruined. I did it. I killed the tent.


It’s time to find a new one, but I need it to be even bigger than the last one. It needs to have seperate rooms as well because I have kids that like their own space and I also have dogs that need to have their own space as well.


I think I found the perfect tent! Core’s giant cabin tent should be a perfect fit for our needs.

For one, it has a ton of headspace. I am not a tall person, but my husband is and even my younger girls are a bit tall. It’s nice to not have to crouch down!


It is also HUGE! It is 18 feet by 10 feet and can easily fit 12 people. Not that I would ever have a need for 12 people to sleep in one tent, but I do have the 3 kids, one grandson, 4 dogs (3 that are giant breeds), and then me and the husband!

We need the space! With this tent you have two doors to go in and out. You also have two room dividers that you can put up to make three rooms!


They say that this tent is super fast to set up, they actually said 2 minutes or less! The poles are already attached to the tent. So basically, you unpack it, unfold it, then set the legs!

Setups in 2 minutes or less! The poles are pre-attached to the tent- just unpack, unfold, lift legs into position and extend legs until they click into place.


Plus, it is water proof and will help keep you warm and comfortable which ya know, is super necessary!

The water repellent rainfly is removable in warmer weather to expose the mesh ceiling for panoramic views for star gazing on clear summer nights. Also, the advanced venting system uses the adjustable air intake vent designed to draw in cool air from the ground while the mesh ceiling allows hot air to escape keeping you comfortable all season.

You can get your own Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent on Amazon for $279.99! What do you think? That set-up looks SO easy! I love that!

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