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You Can Plant Flowers That Are Beautiful While Alive But Look Like Human Skulls When They Die

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Have you ever wanted a garden that was bright and beautiful but then turned into a patch of human skulls?

Not really the typical thing you think of, but when you hear about these, it makes me kind of want to plant some!

I’m talking about the Snapdragon flowers come in pretty much every color and there are over 25 species of the flower in existence.

The Snapdragon flower gets the name because the interesting shape of the flower looks like the snout of a dragon’s head.

I love dragons, so that already had my interest.

The snapdragon flower is scientifically called Antirrhinum majus and it’s native to the Mediterranean region such as Portugal, Morocco, Syria, Turkey, and southern France.

While alive they are beautiful to see and the citrus-like scent is amazing.

There are some cultures that once believed that the Snapdragon flower had supernatural powers.

It was believed that they brought good luck to you if you carried one with you.

Once they die, however, things turn a little macabre.

The seed pod of the Snapdragon seriously resembles a human skull!

If you time the planting and blooming of the Snapdragon just right where they die off near Halloween, you will have an amazing Halloween decoration left behind!

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