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Move Over Birthday Cakes, Birthday Tacos Are The New Way To Celebrate Turning Another Year Wiser

I don’t know about you, but turning another year older freaks me out. So, I am declaring it as “Turning another year wiser day” ha!

With that being said, birthday cakes are a thing of the past!

Birthday Tacos are the new way to celebrate your day of birth, and honestly, I LOVE IT!


Birthday Tacos are just what they sound like – a ton of tacos made into the number of your age (I mean, year wiser) and they are taking over social media!!

Personally, I think the mini tacos would work best but that’s just me.

You can use any tacos you want… OMG wouldn’t Taco Bell tacos be amazing!? Yesssss!


You can of course support your favorite local taco place, order a ton of tacos in bulk and then assemble them on a large cookie or cake sheet.


Some Mexican restaurants will do all the hard work for you like this one…


Add all the other taco ingredients around them and BAM you have birthday tacos.


I won’t lie, I can’t decide if tacos are better than cake but they are certainly equally as good!


So, on your next day of being wiser, skip the birthday cake and opt for the Birthday Taco Cake? I mean, it’s not cake but you know what I mean!



Tuesday 8th of February 2022

I am just curious about this, don't they go soft pretty quickly? How would you avoid that?


Sunday 11th of April 2021

taco bell is good....wish they would lower their prices...